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Welcome to the Wireless Flash Trigger place, where we showcase the most popular and best selling off camera flash radio triggers, infrared triggers and slave flash systems for remotely triggered flash photography lighting.

Wireless flash is a photographic lighting system that allows the photographer to coordinate off camera flash units at a precise moment, by use of a wireless flash trigger in the form of a radio trigger or an infrared trigger signal. This eliminates the need for cords, cables and wires which severely limit the artistic freedom of the photographer. When your off camera flash units are coordinated using wireless methods, there is no risk of someone tripping over cords or cables and distances of several hundred or even a thousand feet are possible between flash and camera. Hard wiring of various flashes into a single group system is no longer necessary and erroneous or unreliable triggering experienced by older bounce flash methods are eliminated. Additional lighting settings such as flash compensation, aperture and ISO information can be incorporated into the signal and available in more comprehensive models such as the Pocketwizard line of transceivers, providing ultimate lighting control.
The flexibility and simplicity of setting up a wireless flash system makes hardwired arrangements seem cumbersome and creatively limiting.

We present all types of wireless flash triggers from the leading brands including Canon, Pocketwizard, Pixel, Polaroid, Phottix, Neewer and many more.

You will also find Canon and Nikon specific flash triggers systems capable of transmitting each makes particular control data to the receiver such as with the popular Pocketwizard MiniTT1 transmitter and the Flex TT5 transceivers which are available in both Canon and Nikon versions.

Products can be sorted by price to enable you to easily choose a suitable system to fit your budget and most units show reviews which can be viewed by clicking on the product's Reviews tab.

If you wish to make a purchase you will be taken to the supplier's website store where you can complete your purchase securely.

We hope you enjoy our site and happy shopping at The Wireless Flash Trigger Place.